Monday, December 24

Big Spender Wolf

I guess most of us may have heard about Big Bad Wolf the biggest, greatest, vastest, coolest, awesomest, bestest, topest, amazingest book fair ever. okay okay, most of the words are made up by me to exaggerate the point, but I guess it does worth the overstated credit because it is really really cool. (Like moi.) Frankly, I myself are one of the last person to know about this book fair. noob, I know. I'm so glad to have been informed about this massive event.

for those who aren't familiar with this event, Big Bad Wolf is annual book fair that was held in Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) and it's ended yesterday This incredible event offers up to 95% discount on all books. there're like 3 million books up for sale, plus some of the books are by well-known author such as Nora Robert, Jodi Picoult, Dorothy Koomson and more. Range price for romance novel is between RM8 - RM10. It is so cheap that you don't even bother what the book is all about.

courtesy of Azmir Khalid Photography

See how huge the exhibition hall that are full of books. When I first entered the hall, I was so thrilled that my friends freak a little. A big shout out to Ismail Awang and Nafiq Zafri for taking me there the first time and my lovely cousin Ochin for my second time. I bought total of 14 books that cost me less than RM120, just imagine how much I've saved. Money wisely spent, so I probably don't have to buy any novel for the next two years . TWO YEARS? I know I'm a slow-reader. so people, if there's an event that's as cool as this one let me know okay.

 these are my new collection of books :)

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